Count Dooku cape and tunic costume from Star Wars. A full front view.
Count Dooku cape from Star Wars. A full front view with satin silk lined interior.
Count Dooku cape from Star Wars. A full side view.
Count Dooku cape from Star Wars. A full-back view.
Count Dooku cape from Star Wars has metallic brooches with chain fastening.
Count Dooku tunic in black from Star Wars. A full front view.
Count Dooku tunic from Star Wars. A full side-view.
Count Dooku tunic from Star Wars. A full back-view.

Count Dooku Cape and Tunic Star Wars

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Super comfortable Count Dooku’s cape and tunic costume that fits and hangs better. A hand-tailored cape and tunic with detailed stitching show it is very well put together. The Star Wars cosplay costume gives a cool Jedi look. Once a Jedi trained by Yoda, Count Dooku became disillusioned with the Jedi Order and left the light side behind. He became a dark side disciple. Dooku remained the face of the Separatist army bringing the war to planets across the galaxy. Fate brings him to his knees. In a fleeting moment, Anakin decapitated Dooku with one swift motion. It could be Count Dooku’s clone.

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A custom-made Count Dooku cape and tunic cosplay outfits perfect for showing off your Star Wars fandom. When it comes to Star Wars cosplay, there is nothing like the Count Dooku costume. The 100% screen accurate Star Wars costume to establish Count Dooku character, a notorious and cooler villain.

Count Dooku costume cosplay from the Star Wars includes a floor-length chocolate brown cloak and black tunic. The Count Dooku cape is lined in 100% silk satin. Additionally, the cape has hand-made silver metallic brooches with chains for fastening. The Count Dooku tunic features 6 hidden-button closures with a mandarin collar in layered canvas construction and double rear vents.

The Count Dooku costume outfits are hand-tailored with utmost attention to detail, appearance, and quality. The Star Wars cape crafted from Fresco wool. The Count Dooku cape cloak is available in 9 different colors including chocolate brown, beige, black, dark grey, navy, purple, red, tan, and white.

The 1.5 breasted Count Dooku tunic with mandarin collar tailored from Gabardine wool. The Star Wars tunic is available in 11 different colors including black, burgundy, navy blue, olive, purple, red, dark brown, stone, dark grey, grey, and khaki. Pairs nicely with tailored pants.

Baron Boutique is dedicated to creating quality Star Wars clothing replica for the cosplay culture. We are passionate about creating truly unique Count Dooku cloak costumes that will not only look amazing but also provide the comfort that intense Star Wars fans deserve. Our Measurement guide helps you to get proper measurements during the checkout process. Custom measurement ensures a great fit for your exact build.

Free Count Dooku Test Outfits

Buying Count Dooku cape and tunic outfits from Star Wars online makes you eligible to receive a free test outfit in cotton at no extra cost. A free test outfit allows you to make fit, style, and measurement adjustments to the final Count Dooku outfits. Baron Boutique offers a free test garment service to all our customers to help overcome alteration and fitting anxiety. The price quoted for Count Dooku costume cosplay outfits includes free shipping worldwide for both the test outfit and the final outfit.

The test outfit is for you to keep. You do not need to return the test garment. Baron Boutique keeps a copy of the test garment.



  • hand-made by Baron Boutique
  • screen-accurate design
  • tailored from super 130s Fresco wool cloth in chocolate brown
  • full length lined cloak with padded shoulders and detailed stitching
  • hand-made silver metallic brooches with chain for cloak fastening
  • silver metallic brooches secured with hand stitching
  • 100% silk satin lined high-class cape

  • hand-made by Baron Boutique
  • screen-accurate design
  • tailored from super 130s worsted wool black in gabardine weave
  • hand basted layer canvas front
  • a full-length tunic in 1.5 breasted style
  • 6 hidden buttons closure
  • mandarin collar
  • no exterior pockets
  • hand stitched minimal shoulder pads
  • hand pick-stitched details
  • hand-made buttonholes
  • tunic interior lined in black acetate
  • hand stitched armholes
  • 4 internal pockets
  • straight tunic front hem
  • plain sleeves cuff
  • hand made black horn buttons
  • stitched and reinforced tunic buttons by hand for everyday use
  • ample tunic seam allowances for future alteration
  • change the tunic length through the measurement page during checkout

Baron Boutique offers free shipping worldwide on all orders. We do not have any garments in stock. All garments are handmade to the measurements of each customer. Our lead time is 16 to 18 business days including shipping for the test garments. 18 to 21 business days including shipping for the final garments.

Lead time on accessories is 12 to 16 business days, including shipping.

Shipping takes 4-6 business days to reach any destination worldwide. All orders including swatches are air courier via FedEx, DHL, or UPS. We’ll email you the tracking info when your order ships.

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Delivery to PO boxes, military addresses, APO/FPO is not possible.

Based on the taxation requirements of the destination, customers may be required to pay customs duties.

Rush service is available upon request at no additional cost. Please use only when in absolute need.

1 review for Count Dooku Cape and Tunic Star Wars

  • Avatar for H, Ishino

    (verified owner)

    If you want a cloak that is not available elsewhere, you can buy it here!!
    Baron Boutique does a very good job. Looking from Japanese me.
    In Japan, it is difficult to get good cloaks.
    Even if you get it, it’s cheap, about $100 for cosplay.
    In that cloak, you can not wear outside.
    I was always looking for a good cloak.
    And I found this site.
    At first I was worried but the person in charge here responded very kindly. And my anxiety has been removed.
    First of all, I send my body measurements.
    And in about two weeks, based on that, test clothes arrived.
    I wore the test clothes and asked to fix it the way I like.
    And in two more weeks, I received a wonderful cloak and tunic that completely fit, only one in the world.
    It is not a cheap item, but I am very satisfied with this shopping.
    If you are looking to buy, I absolutely recommend to buy.

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