Fantastic Beasts Percival Graves black coat in a mean face posture with wand down.
Fantastic Beasts Percival Graves black coat full front view.
Fantastic Beasts Percival Graves black coat with a full side view.
Fantastic Beasts Percival Graves black coat with a full back view.

Fantastic Beasts Percival Graves Black Coat

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Fantastic Beasts Percival Graves black coat is all about cut, styling, and construction. Worn by Percival Graves character in the movie Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, the black wizard coat has beautiful tailoring to make you look fantastic at any event, not just as part of a cosplay outfit. You can also wear this with your everyday clothes if you want. Slip into a black and white Percival coat with wizardly sleeves cuff and show your expressive spells.

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Fantastic Beasts inspire Percival Graves character black coat is the perfect way to complete your costume for any event. It is the perfect outfit to wear on Halloween, especially if you want to stand out from other costumes. Impressively shimmering and smooth tailoring makes Fantastic Beasts coat the perfect black and white cosplay coat.

The Percival Graves black coat hand-tailored from Super 140s’ 8 Oz worsted wool cloth and white acetate lining. The black and white coat features an elegant tailoring design with a long shawl lapel collar, 2 interior pockets, and a center-back vent. This Fantastic Beasts black wizard coat is suitable for all occasions and can be paired with a formal suit or casual wear.

The Fantastic Beasts Percival Graves black wizard trench coat replica made of high-quality fabric. Show your love for this movie with a costume that matches it. Available in 12 different colors including black, beige, light grey, blue, mélange, grey, brown, white, oxford blue, charcoal, navy, and tan.

It’s worth investing in this comfortable cloak because the black wizard trench coat is hand-tailored in a way that adds a touch of Percival Graves’ cosplay character to its look. Our Measurement guide helps you to get proper measurements during the checkout process. Custom measurement ensures a great fit for your exact build.

Many people are getting more and more into cosplay. It is a hobby that anyone can enjoy and there are so many ways to do it. The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Percival Graves black wizard coat is just what you need when you want to stand out from the crowd. Something up your sleeves, show your cosplay things with this very graphic black wizard robe that makes you special. Style yourself just like Percival Graves’s character.

Free Percival Graves Test Coat

Buying a Fantastic Beasts Percival Graves black coat online makes you eligible to receive a free test coat in cotton at no extra cost. A free test coat allows you to make fit, style, and measurement adjustments to the final coat. Baron Boutique offers a free test garment service to all our customers to help overcome alteration and fitting anxiety. The price quoted for Percival’s black coat with white lining includes free shipping worldwide for both the test coat and the final coat.

The test coat is for you to keep. You do not need to return the test coat. Baron Boutique keeps a copy of the test garment.



  • hand-made by Baron Boutique
  • screen-accurate design
  • tailored from super 140s 100% worsted wool cloth in black
  • canvas front construction
  • single-breasted style
  • belted coat back
  • shawl lapel open coat front
  • white acetate lined coat interior
  • 2 internal pockets
  • hand stitched armholes
  • princess seams wizard coat back with a flared skirt
  • center back vent for easy movements
  • straight coat front-hem
  • vented wide sleeves cuff
  • hand-made fabric covered buttons
  • stitched and reinforced coat buttons by hand for everyday use
  • ample coat seam allowances for future alteration
  • mention your desire coat length through the measurement page during checkout

Baron Boutique offers free shipping worldwide on all orders. We do not have any garments in stock. All garments are handmade to the measurements of each customer. Our lead time is 16 to 18 business days including shipping for the test garments. 18 to 21 business days including shipping for the final garments.

Lead time on accessories is 12 to 16 business days, including shipping.

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2 reviews for Fantastic Beasts Percival Graves Black Coat

  • Avatar for William Cox

    (verified owner)

    It was a fantastic experience working with Baron Boutique. I loved the coat I got so much that I had them go on to make several more items, including a matching vest and pants. I also went on to have them make 3 more copies of the coat, in different color/material combinations. So wonderful! They are my favorite new garments!

  • Avatar for Nouveau Vintage

    Great replica, very recognizable, could use a few more features.
    Some time ago, I struck up a conversation with Raj Bista of Baron Boutique. He is one of its founders and has been there for its entire 20-year history, being the main point of contact by answering emails himself. During our conversation, he asked if I would like to test one of their movie replicas after the prototype had been finalized. I was more than happy to, given it was based on a costume from one of my favourite movies of the last few years. Just in time, as the second movie has just released, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

    Baron Boutique has seen some popularity in the nerd and cosplay community due to their replica costumes. I first came across them when looking up replicas of Neo’s coat from The Matrix Reloaded back in 2004. My funds did not allow for such an expenditure back in high school, but I nonetheless bookmarked them. I later purchased a three-piece suit in my newly found menswear craze when I came into a bit more money in college. At the time it was only $209, a medium grey tropical wool number. This had mixed results, primarily due to me not knowing how to measure! However, the quality was generally pretty good and the fabric worked well enough for Florida’s hot and humid climate.

    Fast forward to over a decade later and I am reviewing the Percival Graves Black Coat for them. This is the robe-like overcoat worn by Colin Farrell’s character in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Colleen Atwood’s costume designs were based on aspects of 1920s fashion, but with a wizard or witch twist. In this case, it also hinted at Graves’ true identity as one of most dangerous wizards of all time. The full-length coat has an open shawl collar all the way down that subtly reveals the lining, connecting it visually to the sleeve lining and piping detail of the same fabric. The sleeves have a long vent without buttons and are flared at the end for a wizardly appearance. The Baron Boutique replica can be ordered in the default black with white colour scheme, but also several other colours of tropical wool and viscose lining if one prefers. I personally feel the lining looks closer to off-white in the actual film stills and promotional images, but Raj requested that I test out their default colours. The tropical wool may have been chosen for comfort, given the wearers of this coat could be walking around pop culture conventions all day rather than a movie set or outside in fall and winter. The movie costume appears to use a thicker fabric than this, more accurate to when suitings and overcoatings were generally heavier than they are now. Their heavy weight wool cashmere overcoating would be a perfect choice here for getting the right drape versus period accuracy.

    The other, most noticeable change here is that the original garment is lined with a corduroy-like ribbed fabric, whereas this replica has a satin viscose lining that will, again, be lighter and thinner at the sacrifice of accuracy. It would be nice to have accents of off-white corduroy where they are most visible (sleeve piping and opening, front panels, skirt below waist) as a compromise, in addition to the change of viscose lining colour I already suggested. The option of having the shell in heavier fabric could also be useful to those who want more screen accuracy or utility during the colder months. That said, the general shape and details are correct down to the body coat seams and buttoned, loose half-belt in back.

    With the assistance of the YouTube videos provided on the website, my wife measured me. I was able to save it as a measurement profile for later use under any name desired, in case I order any other similar garments. One can, optionally, use pre-defined sizes. This is a nice feature, though it would be useful to get the sort of features for measurement profiles as seen on, say, Proper Cloth where one is able to clone and modify them for different uses. The fit I chose here was “Tailor Fit”.

    First, I was sent a cotton fitting garment to get a general feel of the final product and nail down any fit issues and preferences. It is very basic, with just polyester lining and almost no inner construction. This took two weeks from when the order was placed and one is able to keep the garment, I suspect because shipping it back overseas would cost more than it’s worth. From there, one takes pictures from the front, back, and sides and notes any changes they want. They previously called this a “bespoke service”, but recently have changed the wording and clarified that this is part of their regular service. I’m happy they made this change, because while this step certainly helps I would not call it bespoke by any means. It is still made-to-measure, just a little better than many online services in that realm.

    The fitting garment I received fits like a trim suit jacket rather than an overcoat. I could not wear a jacket underneath, only a shirt and waistcoat. I therefore asked for a couple of changes. First, the sleeves lengthened a half inch. Second, that the fit be a little more full in order to fit over a suit if desired.

    I received the final garment and it’s quite nice, though could still use a bit of adjustment. Raj confirmed that the coat was widened by a couple inches in the chest and waist area. I think the sleeves, shoulders, and armholes could use some more room as well to fit better over a jacket or thick sweater. Upon trying on with a suit, the coat did fit over it but quite snugly. My suit jacket’s collar tends to peek up and out of the back. I think adding a bit more height and stiffness to the coat’s collar could help there. Broadening and structuring the shoulders more would help the resemblance too, as the original costume appears to have a more built up look. This helped Colin Farrell’s already-impressive physique look even more imposing. I would also suggest ordering with “Relax Fit” for a more screen accurate look. If I were to nitpick any other aspect of the fit, it would be the sleeve pitch. Ideally it would be moved back a little bit since my arms tend to hang down a bit more than most people, creating the slight crinkling effect on the back of the sleeve as seen above. (I am the man pictured here on the website.)

    There are other little considerations that could help out cosplayers. For one thing, there are no internal pockets. Having two of the usual inner breast type for a wallet and phone, plus a third one allowing easy access to wand props, would help a lot with keeping one’s belongings on hand. they could even put a pocket near the small of one’s back, similar to old body coats, to store convention guides or other paraphernalia. You may also notice a label peeking out the right side. I feel it should be moved back into the coat an inch or two so that it is not accidentally glimpsed along with any pockets that were added. Now, I could have requested the addition of internal pockets, as they’ve done this in the past for customers, but I wanted to get a sense of the product as designed by Baron Boutique.

    Overall though, this is a recognizable and accurate costume replica in its shape and cut. I sent some pictures of myself wearing it to friends who are “Potterheads” and they instantly recognized the character even though they were given no prior context! Loosening the fit overall and changing the fabrics to be more movie accurate would make it even better. I also hope they’ll consider making his three-piece suit, which similarly has a few distinctive touches that set it apart from 1920s “No-Maj” clothing. Baron Boutique did a pretty good job here and look forward to seeing more of their future projects.

    Nouveau Vintage received material compensation from Baron Boutique in exchange for a review. However, every effort has been made to keep an objective point of view. Big thanks to Raj Bista for providing this made-to-measure garment to evaluate.

    Please see my full blog:

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