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Our Services

Services Baron Boutique offers to the customers worldwide are:


Made To Measure


Prototype Development

Boutique Level Production


Baron Boutique is a custom tailor boutique for suits and dresses. Our concept is to custom tailor preferred product style and quality to men and women who value versatility, style, and comfort. Baron Boutique offers the following services to customers (individual, retailer, or designer):


Let’s call it long-distance bespoke. As the word suggests, it is custom-made clothes which are made to order. Once your order details are received, a fitting prototype in cotton is developed from scratch based on your measurements. We ship the prototype to you, and you email us feedback on fitting along with 4 pictures, front, rear, and 2 side views for each garment. We will make the necessary adjustments to your pattern and proceed with the final garment. If we feel a second fitting is required, we will send you a second fitting prototype.


Baron Boutique offers bespoke service to customers who value versatility, style, and comfort.


Made To Measure:

Our made-to-measure is similar to bespoke, except there is no prototype fitting. We work straight on the actual garments and the pattern is developed from scratch. It is not based on standard pattern modification. This is the reason the number of measurements we request is slightly higher than normal. Our made-to-measure is also made to order.


Baron Boutique offers a made-to-measure service to customers for custom-made garments.



Cut, make, and trim – Customer can send their own fabrics and accessories or just fabrics to make custom tailor garments. CMT can be done either in a bespoke or made-to-measure manner, as stated above.


Baron Boutique offers a CMT service to customers for custom-made garments.


Prototype Development:

We also develop prototypes based on the customer’s designs or sketches. There are no terms and conditions for the minimum requirements. The prototype can be in single or multiple quantities.


Baron Boutique offers prototype development services to retailers, designers, or individuals from their sketch or designs.


Boutique Level Production:

Boutique level production is a method used for the custom production of garments in limited quantities by hand or with a restricted level of the machine. These are true handcrafted clothes.


Baron Boutique offers a boutique-level production of garments in a limited quantity. These are true handcrafted clothes.


Alteration: When your most loved garment does not fit you anymore you can always send it to us for alteration. It doesn’t have to be a garment bought on our site.


Baron Boutique offers alteration service to customers so that your most loved garment fits you well even when your measurement changes.

Baron Boutique's service promise since 1999.